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IRAL was created to be the catalyst to express the talents of the underrepresented while providing them with a professional platform no matter their skill level. IRAL’s mission is to create an environment where people can unite, experience our culture on a higher level and also show appreciation to the artist behind the arts which will provide opportunities to others where it would have not been possible before. 

After a tour with an artist from Montreal in March 2019 which started in Brandon Manitoba. Neville Hamilton the band leader and owner of Yaad Vibes Promotions had a conversation with Oliver Daley owner of New Vision Artists Management who both saw a void in the entertainment industry in regards to other ethnic groups surrounding the Afro-Caribbean and Latin communities. We noticed that they were vastly under represented when it came to representing artists in a light that draws crowds, who respect their work and enjoy the type of entertainment that they can provide. 


To create, produce and organize an annual International Afro Caribbean Latin Music & Arts Festival (IRAL) featuring artists from the Afro, Latin and Caribbean musical genres to show case local and international artists.


Annual International Reggae Afro Latin Music & Arts Festival (IRAL) has the following objectives:

  • To introduce Caribbean Latin and Afro music to Manitobans at a local and international level.

  • In order to promote mutual understanding, friendships and peaceful co-existence and cardinal relationships between Canadians and the Afro Latino Caribbean Community in this province.

  • To create awareness about social and psychological issues among immigrants and citizens.

  • To provide an easy pathway to unity through music and the arts.

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