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O CANADA! A Beautiful Rendition!

We are so proud to be part of such a diverse & strong community that allows you to express yourself. We are even more proud that such a fresh and beautiful take on the Canadian anthem has developed into something that is just so inspiring. This is definitely a unifying moment for all Canadians as this rendition really shows what Canada represents despite what we are all going through globally, there is still hope, happiness, excitement, and love for the future.

Tell us what you think?

If Canada was to update their national anthem would you choose this song?

Well, we know that we would! A huge congratulations goes out to Ayodele Odeyemi (Ceo of Africanad), this is a huge accomplishment, keep doing what you do with bringing the community together. Ayodele has also released a directory that stretches across Canada to even further connect you with the community and what it has to offer you. Whether you are looking for a service, entertainment options, food, etc., this is the place to look for all of your needs. Do you have a business or service that you would like represented? Then click here and begin that journey today!

Want to know more about Ayodele Odeyemi? Click here to connect to his Instagram!

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