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Festival Entry Details

Permitted Items

  • Blankets

  • Chairs

  • Regular sized or unframed backpacks

  • Empty refillable, plastic or aluminum bottles & Camelbaks

  • Sealed water up to 1L

  • Binoculars

  • Personal cameras with a detachable lens 2 inches or shorter

  • Bags & Strollers are allowed but will be searched thoroughly.

  • Deodorant, Sunscreen & Non-Aersol bug spray

  • Hula Hoops

  • Personal Umbrellas only, anything larger than an umbrella that accommodates 2 people won’t be allowed.

Prohibited items

  • Outside food or beverage items

  • Alcohol or Flasks

  • Ice or Ice packs

  • Coolers

  • Glass Containers

  • Illegal substances, drugs, or drug paraphernalia

  • Any of these items that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate, or are being used for purposes other than intended, may by confiscated on site.

  • Illegal or unauthorized vending

  • Knives or weapons of any kind

  • Animals or pets (except animals that assist people with disabilities, please contact us in advance)

  • Flammable lanterns or fire of any kind

  • Fireworks or any types of explosives

  • Skateboards, scooters or personalize motor vehicles

  • Bicycles inside the festival grounds

  • Tents or canopies

  • Wagons or carts of any type

  • Professional cameras (indicated by a detachable lens larger than 2 inches)

  • Professional video or audio recording devices with out prior approval

  • Lasers or light pointers

  • Chains, chain wallets or spike jewelry

  • Instruments, megaphones, horns or noise makers

  • Soliciting

  • Pepper spray

  • Drones or UAV’s

  • Spray paint, large markers

Emergency, Security and General Facilities

  • Medical: The IRAL medical team will be on-site to address any type of medical problem you may have. The medical tent will be located in between the main festival grounds and vendor village. If you need assistance go to the medical tent, locate security or a festival staff member.

  • Security: Our primary goal is to create a safe and secure environment for everyone in attendance. To ensure this, there will be on-site security provided by our private security staff and local police. If any problems occur whatsoever, locate a festival security guard, police officer or festival staff member.

  • Food: IRAL Vendor Village will offer a variety of food options from several local food trucks/vendors. We will have vegetarian/vegan options as well. More detailed information will be released as the festival becomes closer.

  • Bars: For our 18+ attendees we will have several more beer options than last year spread out throughout the festival grounds with your favorite domestic, import and local brews. In addition, we will have multiple bars with full liquor options.

  • Bathrooms & Handwashing Stations: Bathrooms and hand washing stations will be placed throughout the festival site. We ask that you help us in keeping them as clean as possible for the next festival attendee.

  • Information / Lost & Found: Stop by for any and all information you need related to IRAL. Here you can find festival maps & guides, drop off or find a lost item, set times, etc.

  • Vendors: Vendor Village will feature local retail vendors offering a wide selection of items like clothing, accessories, craft items, tech products and more. Festival and artist merchandise will also be located in the vendor village.

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