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Roasted Chicken



Where Cultures Meet!

The IRAL Melting Pot is a cooking show where cultures meet and show off some of their best and most popular dishes. Whether it is breakfast to desert, traditional or fusion, we want to highlight some of the best cultural dishes that our diverse country has to offer! Every week we will be collaborating with guest chefs who are passionate about their food and culture. 


Our goal is to provide a learning environment that is both entertaining and that encourages the community to be more involved with learning about other cultures through one of the best mediums, food!

Festive Meal
Mashed Potatoes and Mushrooms
Creamy Mushrooms with Mashed Potatoes
Steak Entree
Potato Pancakes Deruny
Potato Soup

Meet Your Host

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Lorial Todd 

Motivated to create a change!

Lorial is a full time health advocate, plant lover, and Professional Aunty who is
motivated to create a changed world through education, knowledge and action.

Creative endeavors provide the building blocks for her character. By stepping forward when inspired, she has created life changing associations through her shared concerns for all citizens of the world.

Street Food

Featured Chef

Beverly Alridge

Motivated to create a change!

Beverly Alridge has over two decades within the food industry and has held positions ranging from Head Chef to Manager. Beverly has participated in multiple events such as the Fusion and Caribbean festivals in Vancouver, B.C. Just before moving to Manitoba, she owned a restaurant in Surrey, BC. She has experience prepping and cooking dishes from around the world but specializes in Jamaican cuisine.

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