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IRAL Synergy of Colors!

We are more than excited to to roll our newest project called the IRAL Synergy of Colors!

The IRAL Synergy of Colors was created to highlight diversity through art with the use of colors.

Manitoba is literally a melting pot full of various cultures from literally all over the world, so why not try to find a way to not only celebrate it, but to also create awareness about the benefits of diversity. This is where the students come in, as our goal is to further drive the open-mindedness about differences with students while also providing them with a platform for them to feel confident and safe being themselves while facing the constant uncertainty and challenges that life brings.

Let the contest begin!

We have selected 12 schools from the Winnipeg School Division No. 1 to partake in the IRAL Synergy of Colors and we cannot wait to see what beautiful pieces of artwork that they will create. Stay tuned for the results, as we await their masterpiece!

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