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IRAL Winter Fest 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

Wow what an amazing weekend, the vibes were positive!

I would like to thank the community of Steinbach for welcoming us with open arms. We at IRAL truly appreciate your support and we hope that you had an amazing time and look forward to having more events within your community in the very near future.

Huge shoutout and thanks goes out to our sponsors for supporting the event making it possible for us to even put it on for everyone to enjoy. It was amazing to be supported by such a wonderful community.

Special thanks goes out to Solomon Furniture & Appliances for graciously allowing us to use their parking lot space to host our event.

A huge thanks also goes out to all the entertainers involved in the festival; from the sculptures, to the artist, bands, dancers, musicians, DJ's and hosts, thank you so much for putting on a show and allowing us to be a space for you to showcase your talent.

We look forward to having this winter festival annually and are confident that it will be even bigger next year!

Please also check out all the news coverage we received by following the links below!

News/Article Links:


Omega Electric

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