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Molding The Youth Within Our Community

Despite the influx of snow that we kept receiving in April, we still push forward to provide a space for the minority youth to have a safe space to explore and expand in their creativity. So far our program hosts 15 youth members who are excited to be part of the program and look forward to each event.

We have be trying to get funding to help not just boost the program, but to really give the members that we already have a better experience, as our own personal funds can only go so far. The idea is to get the necessary equipment to be able to widen our community reach while also fulfilling our end goal of providing a complete creative space that can be seen as a one stop for all your creative needs. We want to be the catalyst to balance the scales of opportunity for the minority youth, as so many of the programs out there do not tailor to their needs or are financially out of reach.

We have just so many ideas in the works that have been put on hold due to lack of funds and we are always looking for help. "To be able to express ones creativity without limitations, leads to building minds that perceive life as being limitless."

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