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Yaad Vibes Promotions

Event/Artist Management

Steinbach, MB, Canada

Yaad Vibes Promotions currently works with various artists within Manitoba and has also held and sponsored multiple events with great success.



Yaad Vibes Promotions was established in May of 2018, and it was created to encourage both young and old to improve relationships within the region through sports and entertainment; all while contributing economically to our community by creating a path for upcoming stars and providing them with a platform that will lead individuals to a successful career.

Our mission is to keep an eye out for those individuals who, through hard work and persistence, have elevated themselves to a position that reflects their desire to achieve greatness and further assist them on their journey.

Yaad Vibes Promotions currently works with various artists within Manitoba and has also held and sponsored multiple events with great success.


Creating epic events which connect communities across cultural and social boundaries by designing experiences which dissolve the senses in the depths of imagination and immerse the mind in sensory stimulation for the soul. We aim to make these memories a definite point of reference and influence from our clients to their target audience.


The Yaad Vibes corporate culture is based off of the West Indian slang term for home, 'yaad'. Typically within Caribbean cultures, members of communities become like family as they frequently come together to enjoy various neighborhood arts and sporting events, projects, and activities. As a company linked to this type of culture, our objective is to foster family-friendly ambiances where people generally feel more connected and thus more willing to join in and participate.

By serving different communities in hosting similar, family-style, public events on a larger scale and through our extensive network of international musicians, artists, talent, and technical and digital experts, we wish to be an official bridge between public service initiatives and large diverse, multi-cultural communities.

By sponsoring neighborhood sports teams and athletics groups, we hope to inspire individuals to continue going the distance and continue making the type of connections necessary for building solid communities.


We hope that by extending our service delivery to smaller venues such as lounges, cafes, galleries, etc. and thus, expanding our arts and entertainment network, we may operate as a socially sustainable venture by becoming a valuable liaison between creatives and opportunities within arts and entertainment.

Our aim is to operate as more than just your average events production and management company by assisting passionate, hard-working creatives in fulfilling their destiny. Yaad Vibes Promotions contributes to community mental health by creating fundraising-focused events for applicable establishments rendering our services. By establishing a socially sustainable initiative which aims to create an achievable platform for undiscovered talent, the Yaad Vibes team is developing a corporate structure committed towards community mental health through achieving the basic need for individual self-expression.

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