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Why Is Getting Help So Hard For Our Community? Part 2!

I thought I would have wrapped up my summer activities and move onto relaxing my mind and wallet from the summer season by now, after all it's almost winter. I also thought I'd be setting my sights on future plans and goals that would help to boost my community. The Christmas bells are about to ring, the delicious multi meals to be had, and the gift giving and receiving soon to commence. Saying nice encouraging words of greetings to people you know or to total strangers will soon be happening full force again, but as of right now I'm still stuck in the summer. I guess you can say it's a bad case of "I know what you did last summer".

Why is it important that our government, big businesses, institutions and regular community members of a country pay key attention to helping smaller arts and culture non-profit and out reach organizations like us who do these jobs?

See while the middle and upper classes work tirelessly to secure a future for themselves and their family, the ones we think to be insignificant are ignored; one day this could be the very situation leading to our down fall as a society as the arts and culture are outlets and a way of expression therapy, if you may. Truth be told, what we provide is a service that the country at large benefits from both short and long term. Just imagine for a second how much more problems there would have been if all the people who got positive results from programs like what we do, didn't exist? What would we be dealing with as a country now?

We shouldn't get too comfortable so that our eyes no longer see the little things creeping up on us in our society. As inflation raises its ugly head, you and I best believe that the things we enjoy today might not be here tomorrow. So who feels it first?

Why delay? What's the point?

Time is both the enemy and friend of success. And to be on time is key in business. When building relationships, time is one of the most valuable ingredients to making it work. Being dedicated to the relationship is vital, we know building relationships is time sensitive; a capital that is the most valuable even more than money itself, but money is the easiest thing to break up relationships. Why encourage us to make relationships, then leave us to figure out broken promises or delayed effects on how to keep up with the support needed? Come on now, they all work together, not one without the other.

I know that what I am contributing to the community is bigger than myself, that's why I decided that being in this uncomfortable situation is worth it as I believe that the people that will benefit from it are worth it, even though they sometimes don't see it themselves as of yet.

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