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IRAL Creatives & Black History Month

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

IRAL Creatives Make Moves During Black History Month In Manitoba!

Hard work does pay off, especially when it involves making a difference!

The IRAL Creatives have been working diligently to make Black History Month more than just a poster on the walls of their school, to a month full of culture, art, music and history! As the flags are raised and the new found pride within themselves grows, these young leaders have gone the extra mile to both inspire their community as well as their peers.

Do you see your flag? IRAL Creatives working hard to prepare for Black History Month in Steinbach

It was a humbling experience to see such a sight, as it brought sense of belonging and being extremely proud. With this being the first year of many more to come, we hope that planting the seed of inspiration to go for what you believe in continues to grow within our youth as they journey through life.

It All Started With A Poster!

One poster wasn't near enough to showcase the accomplishments of black people throughout history within Canada alone, nor was acknowledging it at the end of the month with nothing else. Sean-Robert Slusher found it unacceptable and brought it to his school's attention. The response was that he was given the go ahead to head the project and we supported those efforts fully. The vastness of black involvement is worldwide, whether know or not, it is part of who we are and what was done has contributed heavily to the betterment of human existence on multiple levels; be it art, science, infostructure, or food, the origins come from the contribution of within our communities.

Bill 200: The Black History Month Act

The IRAL Creatives are on a roll this month as they joined in attendance for the celebration of Bill 200, a bill that commemorates that every year, February is Black History Month. It was an exciting experience and a historical moment, not just for myself, but for the youth as well as it has inspired them to look proudly to the future! We are on the right path with building future leaders and it is great when they can be part of the historical moments that also uplift communities that involve them as well. We are proud, excited and even more driven than before as to what the future holds.

The IRAL Creatives taking in the historic moment of Bill 200, Feb 13, 2023

Interview links can be found here:

IRAL Creatives We Salute You!

Continue to grow, be inspired, and develop outside of the box. You are the young leaders of your culture, so just know that many now look up to you! Continue to impact black history in positive ways, keep elevating yourselves to set the stage for future generations, continuing on the path of excellence!

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